Gallant Gamers exists to inspire and mobilize gamers to address worldwide issues.


Gallant Gamers’ vision is that one day they will have inspired all gamers to discover their own power in making the world a better place.


Gallant Gamers is a coalition of streamers whose goal is to raise funds for 501(c)(3) charities during live stream fundraising events using various live broadcasting platforms.

Knights, a.k.a streamers, stream on the Gallant Gamers’ community channels stream back to back for each event in gaming marathons. During these marathons Knights will not only entertain but also bring recognition to those small charities making large impacts in communities around the globe. Smaller charities are the ones that catch the individuals who slip through the cracks by the larger well known charities. Our aim is to provide the recognition and funds to allow smaller local charities to continue making those big impacts.


There are several ways you can get involved and you do not have to be a gamer or streamer to do so. The first way you can get involved is follow us on social media and share our events. Secondly, join our discord community. This community gets updates sooner and allows everybody to get to know who we are on a personal level. The third and most obvious way is to donate during our events, every single penny counts. Fourth, you can become a Knight and share our mission with your own viewers.

Gallant Gamers

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