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From AbleGamers: “Every disability is different. If there’s 10 people in the room with the same disability, around the same age, you’ll find a slight to moderate difference in the abilities of each person. That’s why there is no cookie-cutter formula to helping people get back into the game. We take the time to talk to each individual, find out their specific needs and wants, their abilities and challenges, and projected prognosis, to determine the exact equipment needed to make gaming a possibility for everyone, no matter the obstacles in their way. We’ve modified regular controllers, built entire gaming setups, used eye-tracking in new ways, invented new techniques, and even built entire rooms specifically for people in need. We don’t sell anything here. Everything you see on this website and the technologies we recommend are all specifically tailored to each individual. AbleGamers doesn’t get anything from insurance companies or third-party sellers, so you’re guaranteed to get the best solution we can give, every time.
Sometimes assistive technology is as simple as using Velcro to hold a controller in place or a rubber band placed around the trigger button to help give leverage on a hard-to-reach button. Other times, it requires high-end, extremely expensive customized equipment ranging from a PC with voice control and a dozen switches to operating a console with co-op controllers. The sky really is the limit.”

Donation link: Click Here, just copy and paste this link in your bot and profile. Money donated through this link will go directly to the charity. (You can also join our Tiltify Team and create your own subgoal.)

Overlay Link: Click Here, just copy and paste into obs/xsplit as a url or browser source. Make sure you set the height in the settings to 70 and the width to match your resolution.

Onscreen Alerts: Click Here, just copy and paste into obs/xsplit as a url or browser source. Recommended size is width: 500 by height: 300.

What is really cool is since we are all raising money together the alerts will pop up no matter who is donates on every stream. The total will go up and we can all celebrate in the hype.

If you’re streaming on BEAM join our team, we would love to have you!
If you’re streaming on TWITCH make sure to use the GallantGamers community!

And if you’re feeling frisky join our *DISCORD*.

If you’re doing a specified event using the information above please shoot us a message on Twitter with the information for your event so we may add it to our calendar. Make sure to tag us when you go live benefiting AbleGamers.

DISCLAIMER: All individual streams are not ran by Gallant Gamers and streamers personal views may not represent what Gallant Gamers stands for, we do not police any streams that are helping raise money for charity. Any issues you have with any individual streamer on their personal channel should not be brought to us.