Executive Director



Cat is a Marine Corps veteran and hardcore gamer. He has been gaming since the 80s! Playing everything from Atari, Nintendo, SNES, to PS4 and Xbox1. He loves his shooter games and good competition. He also loves helping others in need. That's why he and Alykkat started Gallant Gamers in May 2016. The Gallant Gamers community is a family to him.


Community Director

TxBrewster is a veteran, mother, wife and student doctor. She served in the U.S. Air Force and is now serving in the U.S. Navy. She enjoys playing MMO, survival, open world and retro games. She is usually on PC but she does occasionally game on PS4. She like to have fun in her streams and she LOVES working with charities!


Twitch Team Director

AnthroMetal has been gaming since he was a lad with the Sega Master system way back when. He graduated from Texas A&M with an Anthropology degree, and will sometimes go into self-deprecating Anthropological rants. He is primarily a console pleb and hopes to one day help to catalog every game made ever. Most of the time you can find him on Xbox grinding for Achievements.


Mixer Team Director

ninjabibbz likes to play lots of games.


Social Media Director

Sarcasm ninja, cancer survivor, gamer and custom jewelry maker.



HJA is a nerd-culture aficionado, a gamer, and more specifically a speedrunner. He's the biggest Legend of Zelda fan that ever existed, don't believe it? Challenge him!


PreFirezTV is a disabled Combat Veteran and Xbox/PC streamer.


Recruiting Manager

Rekirat is a community gamer and would like to spread good vibes through gaming. she a massage therapist by trade and currently in school to be a life coach and hopes to spread good vibes and karma to all.


SM Manager, Co-host

Emm is a dancer, model and fitness enthusiast who grew up playing all the Nintendo and Playstation known to mankind. She spends her days focused on the wellness of others whether it be at her job working in Hollistic health, teaching children dance, fitness coaching, or participating in events for Gallant Gamers. Her heart will always belong to Retro Games because they feel like home!


GFX Artist, Streamer

Anthony; some of you might know him as LILTTALK, or just simply LT. He is an active member of the U.S. Air Force and currently live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He has been gaming for over 3 decades! His first console was a ColecoVision with Donkey Kong. He played a variety of games growing up. In the early 2000’s he got in to a competitive game play, which started with Battlefield 1942.



GreyGore (a.k.a. The Backlog Dude, "Why Do I Keep Buying Games?!") is a variety Twitch streamer and retro game enthusiast - from his early exposure to a diverse mix of genres (from text adventures to platform games), he has developed a deep love for the medium and loves to revisit old-time favorites, while also he trys to keep up with newer releases (by his reckoning an uphill battle).

Joey 'SgtCactus'


Joey is a Marine Corps veteran and avid tabletop and PC gamer who spends his time playing mostly MOBAs and Indie games. Outside of gaming, Joey enjoys tinkering with technology, reading, watching anime, and hitting the gym. Joey is a regular volunteer in his local community and enjoys programs that include veteran and youth charity events.



Azrhi is a lifelong gamer. He likes computers. He likes cooking. He tends to think there isn't much too interesting about himself, but he still tries to give his all nonetheless.



This little fellas is known as Mazimov, born in th 90's he started to discover retro gaming through speedrunning, if you're a fan of classic games and series he's your guy.



Ana is the Pirate Queen and has been streaming since January of 2015. She is all about community and wants to get to know every single follower that comes into her streams. She is now partnered with Humble Bundle, Discord, and Mixer, though she also recently switched back to Twitch and has taken affiliate status there so she can continue to grow and meet new people from all over the world!


Streamer, Recruiter

Xavier, also known as XKPlayzYT! He is a streamer at heart and a loving person.



Navi is a Variety Mixer Streamer that has been streaming since 2010, and has been known to throw down some sick Yo-yo tricks as well as gaming. From Speedrunning Warframe to playing Indie Gems and Triple-A titles, He's got a little bit of everything up his sleeves!