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PreFirezTVAssociate Stream Director
PrefirezTV has been an avid gamer since he was introduced to the NES in the mid 80’s. He is mainly a console gamer who is just touching on the PC gaming world. Mostly play FPS on Xbox One and PUBG on PC.. He is Disabled Veteran after serving in the US Army for 12 years. He looks forward to seeing you all in the streams!
AlykkatCo Owner & Founder
Alykkat got her start in the gaming world with SMW and when she got into streaming it was the first game she streamed. Not long after streaming she joined an organization that was doing live fundraising events for charities. After some time Alykkat left to forge her own path and organization. She is all about that #JeepLife, her two boxers, and helping people.
HandsomeJack_AssFinance Director
HandsomeJack_Ass originally a Destiny and ALTTP streamer, obsessed with anything LoZ, recently turned Hearthstone savage. His mouth would make a sailor blush on a good day. This all around great guy and streamer is energetic hilarious and loves doing those fundraising streams.
CatInTheWall215Co Owner & Founder
CatInTheWall215, a USMC veteran, has a wild sense of humor and loves interacting with the gaming community. His game of choice is COD and loves playing with his friends. His passions for video games and helping others unite here at Gallant Gamers.
TxBrewsterCommunity Director
TxBrewster, a native born Texan is a wife, a mother, and an Air Force veteran that loves a good game now and again. She joined Gallant Gamers to continue to serve others and do awesome things. Her streams are always a blast and did we mention she’s going to medical school? Just another awesome gamer but and even more awesome human.
SgtCactusPartner Relations Director
SgtCactus discovered his love of video games at 8 years old with Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. He has since become predominantly a PC gamer with PS4 and Nintendo sprinkled in. He favors RPGs and MOBAs over other genres; however, he is a variety gamer that will try any game you put in front of him. He is also a Marine Corps veteran who wants nothing more than to be able to help others post service.
BeardedBeast has been gaming since he could walk, the game that really got him hooked on was Contra. He played that game for hours! Now he has moved on to FPS games, COD etc, occasionally he will play sports games. His choice of console has always been PlayStation since it’s inception. He recently ventured into PC gaming to get out of his comfort zone and try something new. When he isn’t gaming he can be found with his Jeep or a pole in hand.
Hi. I am AstroSamz! I am a live video game streamer from San Antonio, TX. I stream to entertain viewers, raise money for charity, have fun, and collaborate with other content creators! I mostly play sci-fi, adventure, story-driven, open world, and survival games. I love interacting with people and live streaming is one fun way for me to enjoy those qualities.
VeiledMaiden22Social Media Director
Maiden (Aka Tracey), Most days you can find her playing some type of FPS or RPG, she loves anything in the Horror or Marvel genre, tattoos, elaborate strings of swear words, and coffee. She also co-hosts a gaming and eSports podcast called Memes & Dreams and is a member of Girlstreamers!
Programmer and entomologist by day and gamers by whenever-they-get-the-time, Xamtt is comprised of the dynamic duo Matt and Alicia. Currently living with 3 cats, 8 lizards, and a dopey turtle they stream as a team. This duo loves gaming and helping others so much they practice and prepare for every event no matter the size and goal.
Nymphodora is a local filmmaker based out of Atlanta. She has become a regular streamer and mod with Girlstreamers and she also runs three podcasts (Girlstreamers, Mind Games, & The Omnic Fallout). Growing up gaming was her way of escaping form the world and it has now turned into a job that she loves!
Ninja has been gaming since the tender age of 8. He always aspired to follow in the footsteps of Ryu Hayabusa and other Ninja that populated the world of video games. Sadly, he realized that all he good was game and be an excellent tank mechanic while serving his Uncle Sam!
Ana has been streaming since January of 2015 and has grown her community greatly since then, joining Beam(Now Mixer) in April of 2016. Ana is all about community and wants to get to know every single follower that joins her streams. She is now Partnered on Mixer and worked her butt off to get where she is now.
Ana grew up in northern California but in 2017 she decided to change everything and follow her heart and passion to San Antonio, Texas. She also has her degree in Graphic Design and loves to design her own stream graphics and overlays with the help of a wonderful friend and mod Gorivian who does a lot of her illustration work and emotes.
Ana is a variety streamer and plays everything from Diablo III, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Sims, Fallout 4, Black Desert, Warframe & more! RPG’s and story driven games are her favorite. Her all time favorite series that she streamed was Bioshock. She did an Elizabeth Cosplay at Pax West 2016. She also went to TwitchCon 2016 & Pax South 2017 & is looking forward to Pax West 2017 again!
Ana is staying positive, #EverythingIsAwesome so come on by for some fun times in her stream!
Yoko’s a Texas Emergency Medical Technician and vegetarian with burning passions for video games, livestreaming, martial arts, botany, helping people and saving the planet, but not in that order! He plays games of all varieties, but you’ll typically find him focusing on playing FPS games competitively.
I’m a 29 year old Marine Corps veteran. I didn’t really touch a console other than Nintendo until 2007 when I got bored, played, and finished the campaign for Call of Duty 2 that my dad had only played for about 30 minutes when it first came out.

I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and did one tour in Afghanistan in 2011. I’m nowhere near the best gamer out there but gaming has been a great stress reliever for me.

I play a lot of FPS and first started out with Xbox. I now own an Xbox One and a PS4 but mainly play on PS4.

Wildguns84 has been a gamer since the Atari. He is a variety streamer, but mainly sticks to streaming FPS games with Battlefield and COD being the most played. His chosen platform is PC, but has been known to stream some Xbox gameplay from time to time. When he is not playing games, you can most likely find him doing charity work, playing guitar, or at the gun range.
Entel is a Disabled Veteran who has been a Gamer/Tech enthusist since he was 10. Starting young on consoles such as NES and Sega he quickly got sucked into the world of computer building and PC gaming in the 6th grade. Since then he has been building his own gaming rigs and pursuing other tech related hobbies as well as never letting his passion playing games die!
AnthroMetal has been gaming since he was a lad with the Sega Master system way back when. He graduated from Texas A&M with an Anthropology degree, and will sometimes go into self-deprecating Anthropological rants.He’s primarily a console pleb and hopes to one day help to catalog every game made ever. Most of the time you can find him on Xbox grinding for Achievements, with the occasional devolution to Playstation. Anthro <3’s any game of any type, and has a collection thus far of over 500 different titles. He will most likely not play all of them. He is also a guitar player, and sings…somewhat poorly by his own admission. He loves helping people and also to eat really spicy things for some reason. I think he’s a lunatic.