We are the Gallant Gamers.

The future is indeed Gallant, but we need your help. Without our fantastic community we wouldn’t be where we are today. More people need our help and more causes need our support.

Smack-dab middle of 2016, Alykkat and UncleLeoLive had a vision.

This vision of charitable fundraising through streaming did not mesh with a new direction undertook by Aly and Leo’s previous organization. So they set on a new path where they could turn their vision into reality. They needed a title for their vision. They knew one thing: the initials had to be GG, synonymous with the popular phrase, “good game.”

Gallant Gamers was born!

The name was eponymous of their vision. Gallant is defined as a behavior that is, “heroic, brave, chivalrous,” and because gaming was the foundation of charitable fundraising through streaming, it was only natural to call themselves what they considered themselves to be, Gamers.

And so, the journey began! Aly and Leo set out to recruit others to their cause.

Their goal was simple, raise funds for underrepresented charities through streaming on Twitch. Soon, they realized, their goal had shifted into something greater. Gallant Gamers started as a stream team, but began to flourish as a positive community which supported the fundraising vision.

As the community grew, so did the stream team. In 2017, Beam became Mixer, and it was evident there was an entirely new audience that was eager to support charity. A Mixer team was soon established within Gallant Gamers, and took the organization to even greater heights.

During the course of 2017, it became clear the vision needed to again shift and become more condensed in support of charity.

What was once a monthly model became a quarterly model, and with it came support for new organizations both big and small to benefit from the efforts of GG.

GG continued to grow. Adding dedicated Military channels for current and prior service members. Leadership was established, as Aly and Leo both realized they had much to do. One of those with them from the beginning was Doc_Brewster. She, being a fantastic motivator (also, she’s becoming a doctor! Like, what?!) began to lead the stream teams in 2018.

During the first few days of 2019, Aly and Leo asked Brew to become a co-owner of GG.

This brings us to our current day. The teams and community are flourishing and the fundraising for our select charities has never been higher. Since its inception in 2016, Gallant Gamers has raised over $35,000 for charity, and now boasts stream teams that are live fundraising every day of the week across both Twitch and Mixer.